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We will submit a claim to the responsible party’s insurers.

We will arrange medical treatment with one of the UK’s leading providers of Rehabilitation Services all at no cost to you.

We will obtain quotes to have your bike and kit repaired/replaced and will recover this cost from the other party’s insurers.

We will negotiate to secure the best possible compensation for your injuries, any loss of earnings and all other matters.

Sometimes it is necessary to pursue a case in Court. For example, an offer is made which is too low or the Insurance Company will not accept responsibility. If so we will pursue your case in Court with one of our highly experienced solicitors, representing you throughout.

Compensation claim costs

Lots of people worry about the expense of pursuing a legal case in Court. We can provide you with Bespoke Insurance which will cover the cost of your case giving you completely peace of mind. If you win, the other party will require to pay your legal costs. If you lose your insurance will cover you for the other party’s costs and you will not have to pay a penny in legal costs.

To speak directly to one of our solicitors please call 0500 600 872. You can also claim online or email and we will be happy to help.

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