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Cycling accident claim stories

Our highly regarded, experienced and trusted team of specialist lawyers handles a wide range of cycling accident compensation claims every year. Here is just a selection of the cases we have handled recently.

Cyclist injured by hit and run driver awarded £21,000

A 23 year old cyclist has received £21,000 having consulted Allan McDougall Solicitors in respect of serious head and facial injuries which he sustained when struck by a hit and run driver. The injuries sustained involved a subdural haematoma on the brain, a complex facial laceration and dental injuries for which the client had undergone surgery, and would require future invasive treatment. An action was raised against the Motor Insurers Bureau as the driver was untraceable. The amount which the cyclist received was significantly more than was initially offered.

Paralysis of all four limbs after bike accident

We acted for a retired man who was cycling along a rural road and was thrown from his bike when it went into a large depression in the road.  From what seemed a fairly innocuous incident, the man sustained an extremely severe spinal cord injury resulting in tetraplegia (paralysis of all four limbs.)  Court proceedings were raised.  The local authority denied liability.  However, after face-to-face meetings between our legal team and theirs, the council ultimately settled the claim for £750,000.

£5,300 for accident on designated cycle path

Our client was a professional man with a young family.  He was cycling home from work along a designated cycle path.  He was wearing a high viz jacket and back pack.  A car suddenly emerged from a side road which crossed with the path and they collided. He was knocked off his bike and dragged along the ground under the front of the car. He suffered leg injuries and unfortunately developed a deep venous thrombosis (DVT). After initially denying liability, the driver’s insurance company then made an offer to settle for £4,200. After further negotiations, the offer was increased to £5,300.

Driver failed to see our cyclist client

Our client was cycling to work on a bright morning when the driver of a car behind him completely failed to see him, despite the fact that he was wearing high viz jacket and high viz headgear. He was thrown over the handlebars of his bike, fracturing his wrist. Unfortunately, the accident really put him off cycling and he was anxious about getting back on the bike. He was off work for two months. The driver’s insurers quickly admitted liability. However, they made an insufficient offer of £3,200 to settle. A court action was raised, an increased offer of £5,000 was made and the case ultimately settled for £10,500.

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